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On Bicycles: 50 Ways the New Bike Culture Can Change Your by Amy Walker

By Amy Walker

Motorcycle tradition is exploding in towns like Portland, OR, long island, San Francisco, Chicago, Montreal, and Vancouver, BC. even if everyone is using folding motorcycles to the commuter educate, slipping via site visitors on streamlined unmarried speeds, or sporting teenagers and groceries on their shipment motorcycles, bicycles are making city lifestyles extra dynamic and stress-free — easily better.

Amy Walker has been on the leading edge of this pattern as cofounder of Momentum journal, which chronicles and evokes city motorcycle tradition and transportation biking. In On Bicycles, she gathers a wide-ranging team of biking writers to discover the ways in which cycling can switch, and is altering, people’s lives. From application motorcycles which are turning into the first mode of transportation for complete households to the inventive creations of freakbike riders, On Bicycles has anything for everybody who has ever ridden a bike.

Topics include:

* shipment motorcycles * motorbike events * a background of motorcycle advocacy
* the bike-craft increase * folding motorcycles * recumbents * cycling with kids
* hand-crafted motorcycles * car-free streets * relocalizing * motorcycle style
* collective motorcycle retailers * girls and motorcycles * and plenty of more

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