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Partners (Laws of the Blood, Book 2) by Susan Sizemore

By Susan Sizemore

Vampire Enforcer Char varieties an not going partnership with vampire hunter Jubal Haven to discover a lacking teenager-who's within the arms of a dismal cult which could end up lethal to vampire and human alike.

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But you still have a cat instead of a lover," Delia answered with a wide grin. " Char knew Delia for a tease but had never known her to be caring with it. " The humor went out of Delia after she spoke. She stood very still, blinked back tears, then rugged on Char's arm again. "Inside, Hunter. " It was cold, all right, but not as cold as some of the places Char'd been this evening. This street was empty. Char looked up and down the blocks that stretched away under too-dim streetlamps. Empty, yes, but not devoid of — Something.

But Nighthawks were downright ugly. Fearsome, monstrous, they didn't bear any resemblance to vampires. Jimmy Bluecorn had once told her that he didn't think Enforcers were vampires anymore at all but monsters that fed on monsters. The hypocritical part was that Jimmy, who was so honest about most things, never told her he was a carrier of the Nighthawk mutation. Char knew that she was not the only one of his children that had been reborn into a thing that her beloved Jimmy feared. Nor was blaming him for what she was fair to Jimmy.

Santini turned around in the seat. " Santini faced forward again. "Let's get out of here. " They shared a quick sideways look that spoke volumes. Spooking either of them took a lot. Haven had been spooked too much since coming to this wet, cold place. Somebody was going to pay for that. Not tonight, though. Vampire hunters worked best in the daylight. Same rules probably applied to werewolf hunters. And if there was a girl lurking back in the shadows, she was probably some out-of-luck hooker having a slow night.

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