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Player's Guide to Fighters and Barbarians (Scarred Lands D20 by Joseph D. Carriker Jr.

By Joseph D. Carriker Jr.

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Sisters will often work with elves from Vera-tre, and occasionally assist Vigils. Requirements: Potential sisters must be female. Humans and half-elves are the most common, but there have been a few half-orcs and dwarves as well. A prospective member must worship Denev and prove themselves through a series of rites and tests. Finally, in order to be accepted the woman must prove herself skilled in woodlore and the use of the scythe, and possess the required strength and grace. Style: The Sisterhood of the Scythe trains through example, instructive rituals and stories.

The Ceruleans number over 200, and each is trained in combat while flying, invisible, or under a host of other magical conditions. However, the overwhelming majority of their time is spent like any other mercenary company. Guard duties and escorting caravans are the most common assignments. Members are predominantly first or second level warriors, though there is an elite cadre of about 30 fighters. This group each has at least one potion of flight ready for important battles, but the cost requires this to be a last resort.

Core classes of 1st level fighters, their overall cost per day. Characters interested in rangers and other martial classes are also typically hiring units often have to pay a certain amount up officers. Warriors are paid 6 sp per day at 2nd level, front. A respectable mercenary company might replus another 3 per extra level of experience. PC quire a month’s salary before starting work for an classes receive 6 sp per day at 1st level. employer they do not know well. Leaders of a company are typically responsible for punishing internal PC classed characters above 1st level are the infractions, allocating pay, and maintaining the unit.

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