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Preventing Ideological Violence: Communities, Police and by P. Daniel Silk, Basia Spalek, Mary O'Rawe

By P. Daniel Silk, Basia Spalek, Mary O'Rawe

This ebook offers the voices of police and neighborhood contributors who've been considering engagement and partnership initiatives designed for countering violent extremism.  Though the specter of the so-called Islamic nation garners loads of present awareness, the booklet explores ideological violence prevention efforts in a few contexts, to incorporate that of paramilitary enterprises in addition to Qa'ida encouraged actors.

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Although government messages may suggest that communities are needed to help prevent terrorism, the reality on the ground is that communities continue to experience state-led “hard-ended” approaches that include surveillance, the use of informants, the use of stop and search, and other intrusive measures. If citizens do critique and challenge state-led approaches do they run the risk of potentially being viewed as “subversives” by the state? Irish communities have had to face these problems and similar questions and issues, over a much longer period of time.

The lack of clarity of the concept means that a range of initiatives can take place under the broad umbrella of community policing, while serving a variety of competing agendas. Where valuable initiatives do take hold and bed down, they tend not to be mainstreamed within policing systems as a whole. Indeed, police personnel in each of the areas described here have themselves likely felt marginalized if their dedication to community policing seemed to put them too firmly at odds with more traditional policing strategies.

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