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Primal by Lora Leigh, Michelle Rowen, Ava Gray, Jory Strong

By Lora Leigh, Michelle Rowen, Ava Gray, Jory Strong

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I looked up at him with surprise. ” He pulled my hands away from him and raised them up above my head. ” He was easily strong enough to keep me pinned, but his grip on me was loose enough that I could have broken it if I wanted to. ” He moved his mouth to my ear, and my bare breasts flattened against his T-shirt-covered chest. ” I believed him. His expression held no fire to match what I was feeling, but rather, endless sincerity. He couldn’t make love to me, not completely—not the way I wanted—but he still wanted me to be happy after what he’d overheard Jackson say to me.

I wouldn’t call it jealousy, exactly. But it bothered me. ” That was interesting. Not jealousy, but something that triggered some sort of reaction in the emotion-free dhampyr. I intertwined my fingers with his. ” He leaned back in his chair, pulling his hand away from mine. I tried not to take it personally. ” “That you’re a woman of passion. ” I glanced around the small room. “More than . . ” He wasn’t smiling anymore. His jaw tightened. “You said something earlier. ” I remembered exactly what I’d been talking about.

Must be all the blood he took. ” “I’ll go get the car,” Declan said. ” I nodded and leaned against the wall, just outside of the front door, and watched him disappear around the edge of the building. I eyed the camera that was trained on the front door. For something that was there for security reasons, it made me nervous. ” Jackson asked. I started a little, since I hadn’t seen him standing to the other side of me. ” I rubbed my fingertips over the Band-Aid at the crook of my arm. ” Jackson smiled.

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