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Prison Planet by William C. Dietz

By William C. Dietz

Convicted of a criminal offense he didn't dedicate, Jonathan Renn is sentenced to lifestyles within the Swamp, a jail planet dying row in galaxy. Renn in basic terms has offerings, get away the Swamp or die within the strategy. protecting himself from assaults by means of lethal, local monsters and his fellow convicts, Renn is passionate about escaping the planet and getting his revenge at the those that set him up. Marla Marie Mendez is much more down on her success. Trapped within a cybernetic puppy and dropped defenseless into the Swamp, Marla can basically depend upon Renn and her claws to save lots of her from the unfriendly components. they have to give you the option out of the Swamp and speedy ahead of their lifestyles sentence is minimize brief.

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Boater explained that their external appearance stemmed from the large air bladder which surrounded their internal organs. The air bladder allowed them to roll across large bodies of water, and to use rivers the same way ground cars use highways. They could move freely wherever there was water, including marshy areas, but couldn't move through dense undergrowth. By expelling air through the vents spaced across the surface of their bodies, stinks could control both the direction and speed of their movements.

And although Boater assured him they were all related, Renn found it hard to believe since they looked so dissimilar. One type appeared quite snake-like, having a long sinuous body, and an evil-looking bulbous head. Unlike Terran snakes, however, it came equipped with ugly-looking suckers, which helped it climb trees, and also served as tiny mouths. Another looked like a Terran kangaroo, about the same size, with a long tail and large hind legs. Except it had a mouth full of needle sharp teeth, walked rather than jumped, and didn't really have a tail.

Boater shook his head sadly. "Too bad. " Renn asked, his voice heavy with sarcasm. "And, the same thing could happen to you, shit-for-brains," Boater said amicably. " Boater raised one eyebrow. "Why yes you did, Jonnie lad. From about three feet away. " He pointed to the right. "Take your time. " Renn looked at the dead tree. It was about three feet in diameter and maybe fifty yards off. Pulling the . 75, Renn took careful aim. He felt Fred move gently up and down beneath his feet. No problem, he'd compensate for that.

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