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Proteins Involved in DNA Replication by Ulrich Hübscher, Silvio Spadari (auth.)

By Ulrich Hübscher, Silvio Spadari (auth.)

This e-book collects the complaints of a workshop subsidized by means of the ecu Molecular Biology association (EMBO) entitled "Pro­ teins occupied with DNA Replication" which used to be held September 19 to 23,1983 at Vitznau, close to Lucerne, in Switzerland. the purpose of this workshop was once to check and talk about the prestige of our wisdom at the elaborate array of enzymes and proteins that permit the replication of the DNA. because the first discovery of a DNA polymerase in Escherichia coli by way of Arthur Kornberg twenty 8 years in the past, lots of enzymes and different proteins have been des­ cribed which are crucial for this technique: diverse DNA poly­ merases, DNA primases, DNA based ATPases, helicases, DNA liga­ ses, DNA topoisomerases, exo- and endonucleases, DNA binding professional­ teins and others. they're required for the initiation of a around of synthesis at every one replication foundation, for the growth of the becoming fork, for the disentanglement of the replication product, or for assuring the constancy of the replication method. The quantity, kind and ways that those proteins inter­ act with DNA and with one another to the success of replication and to the upkeep of the physiological constitution of the chromo­ somes is the topic of the contributions accumulated during this quantity. The shows and discussions in this workshop strengthened the view that DNA replication in vivo can simply be accomplished throughout the cooperation of a excessive variety of enzymes, proteins and different cofactors.

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