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Quakers (Shire Library, Volume 752) by Peter Furtado

By Peter Furtado

A small sect of fewer than 20,000 within the united kingdom, and nearly 100,000 within the united states, Quakers have produced a disproportionate variety of eminent thinkers, scientists, businessmen, and their teachings were largely influential and develop into mainstream. top often called pacifists, Quakers have continually been on the vanguard of social justice and clash solution, as soon as being leaders within the abolitionist flow on 3 continents and, extra lately, key gamers in foreign peacemaking and struggling with international poverty. This e-book is an engaging in-depth examine the Quaker faith, philosophy, specific tradition and its position in background. With roots within the seventeenth century and the insights of George Fox, Quakers have a center trust in an instantaneous adventure of God via easily listening in silence without having for monks, hierarchies, sacraments or different rituals, an absolute dedication to paintings for peace and feature earned a name for being sincere and undeniable talking which helped them construct profitable organizations within the 18th and nineteenth century. Like many spiritual sects, the Quakers additionally persisted spiritual persecution and within the aftermath of the English Civil struggle fled to the USA for spiritual freedom, finally constructing the Pennsylvania colony in 1681 as a haven for Quakers. this day, Quakers stroll an interesting line among their solemn and deeply held non secular ideals and the problem of actively conducting the trendy global as they search to higher situations and of their founder's phrases, "walk cheerfully over the area, answering that of God in everyone."

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