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Queen of Dragons (The Drakon, Book 3) by Shana Abe

By Shana Abe

They're the stuff of glittering legend, supersensual creatures capable of shape-shift from human to smoke to dragon. Now they face an enemy decided to wreck their brilliant international of magic and keenness. Queen of Dragons It’s a gorgeous declare: the life of a misplaced drákon tribe. And it comes from an exciting resource: a lady calling herself Princess Maricara of Transylvania. Alpha lord Kimber Langford, Earl of Chasen, can’t forget about the chance. For whoever this unknown princess might be, she’s risky sufficient to grasp approximately his existence—and the place to discover him. And certainly, it isn’t lengthy sooner than Maricara breaches the defenses of Darkfrith and the partitions round Kimber’s center. but the princess arrives with pressing information: a mysterious serial killer is concentrating on the total drákon race. to avoid wasting their sort, Kimber and Mari needs to best friend themselves physique and soul in a conflict which can spell their salvation, their extinction…or either.

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Even the moon seemed to withdraw, her light wan and blued. Excepting the new mosquitoes darting above the ponds, nothing flourished. That afternoon a letter had arrived from the marquess and marchioness. It was postmarked from Flanders, addressed to Kimber, and consisted of just two lines: Others come. Guard the shire. Kim pondered that, sprawled atop the duvet of his ebony bed, as he followed the moonlight creeping along the ceiling, and then gradually down the walls. He’d left the balcony doors open to the garden of flowers and gravel pathways two stories below, but the only aroma that lifted was of wilted petals and baked stone; there was no breeze.

And she would have to fly very, very high above them, high enough so she would blend with the infinity of heaven should anyone glance up. At least there she had an advantage: By fate or chance Maricara was the only dragon she had ever seen without color. Even the creatures scoring the sky ahead of her shone bright like May ribbons in the light. But she…she was formed of space and stars, her scales gleaming jet, her eyes and mane and the bare tips of her wings burning silver. From the safety of her rock she Turned human to devour the last of the bread, the final, thin slices of the Camembert melting against her fingers.

Only her eyes cut to him, that pale and penetrating stare finding the curve of smoke he took to funnel down to her side. She did not stir as he coalesced. He became human with his back to hers, not touching. Neither of them turned around. It was damned cold up here, and blustery. She was always doing outlandish things like this, going off to stand naked in the snow atop a mountain. Sometimes he wondered if she did it just to test him, to see how far he truly would push to follow her. “The situation is poor,” Alexandru said.

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