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Ravish: The Awakening of Sleeping Beauty by Cathy Yardley

By Cathy Yardley

An blameless attractiveness, trapped in sleep . . . Sheltered from society, Aurora Jacquard has but to consider the candy liberate of actual love. Then, at the evening she is ready to provide in to temptation, she inexplicably falls right into a deep coma. A good-looking prince, decided to find her secrets and techniques . . Jacob White is without doubt one of the most sensible neurologists on this planet, and he intends to rouse Aurora from her virginal shut eye. but if she starts off to invade his goals each evening, beckoning him right into a sensuous position of lust and chance, Jacob realizes there is extra to this lady than meets the attention. it's going to take greater than a kiss to wake her up . . Trapped in a global of erotic goals, Aurora and Jacob needs to quit to their private darkest wants . . yet how a long way are they prepared to move?

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If there’s anything nefarious in her past that might have contributed to her state—and consequently, might help wake her up—then I’ll find it and use it. ” He waited, his body completely relaxed. Her brow furrowed. Then she nodded. “They said you might be a tad brusque,” she remarked. “I’m sorry for that,” he answered. ” She stood, with some effort. ” He followed her down yet another corridor. The whole house seemed to have a strange silence to it, thick enough to touch. It was claustrophobic. He ignored the sensation, focusing instead on his excitement.

Help me, help me, help me… A pause. “It’s all right, Rory. We’re in no rush. You want me to slow down? Stop for a minute? ” Not even a moan escaped her lips. Not even a sigh. Finally she felt his body tense, the bed bowing slightly as he sat up abruptly. “Rory? ” She felt him get off the bed. He shook her slightly. “Rory? You’re scaring the hell out of me. ” Another shake, harder this time. ” He called her name, with increasing desperation, for another five minutes. Rory never answered. Chapter One Dr.

She slid her hand awkwardly along his shaft, wondering at her own clumsiness. “I’m sorry,” she whispered. ” “Maybe I should take over now,” Oliver said, his eyes alight. She nodded, feeling words abandon her. She must be more nervous than she realized. He started kissing her again, his hand stroking over the smoothness of her silk teddy. She leaned back against the pillows, allowing him more access as he moved over her breasts, causing her nipples to pucker and pout. She was breathing hard, her heart beating against her ribcage like a trapped bird.

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