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Comparative Religion

Religions in the modern world : traditions and by Woodhead, Linda

By Woodhead, Linda

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Ritual and Its Consequences: An Essay on the Limits of Sincerity

This pioneering, interdisciplinary paintings indicates how rituals let us dwell in a perennially imperfect global. Drawing on numerous cultural settings, the authors make the most of psychoanalytic and anthropological views to explain how ritual--like play--creates ''as if'' worlds, rooted within the innovative potential of the human brain to create a subjunctive universe.

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There are saints in Orthodox Christian tradition who overturn the normal thought of sainthood. Their behavior can be unruly and salacious, they might blaspheme or even kill--yet, mysteriously, these round them deal with them with much more reverence. Such saints are referred to as "holy fools. " during this pioneering learn Sergey A.

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In an international stricken by spiritual clash, how can some of the spiritual and secular traditions coexist peacefully on this planet? And, what position does sociology play in supporting us comprehend the kingdom of non secular lifestyles in a globalizing global? In the Fourth Edition ofGods within the international Village, writer Lester Kurtz maintains to handle those questions.

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Secular and non secular prophets of doom abound within the information-rich twenty-first century - as they've got for millennia. yet there has but to be around the world floods, meteor impression, worldwide laptop failure, visible alien touch, or direct intervention from God to finish the realm as we all know it. contemplating the frequency with which prophecy it sounds as if fails, why do prophecies remain made, and what social features do they serve?

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A look at the many texts of Hinduism is followed by a summary of Hinduism in terms of self and society, concluding with consideration of gender. Much of this traditional Hinduism is still alive today, but we move next into specifically modern times by inquiring into the special relation of modernity and India, noting also the traditional Hindu interpretation of modern times— the worst of times, the Kali age. The socio-economic condition of India today is then summarized. Modern Hinduism is discussed in terms of six aspects.

It is in one of these, the Markandeya Purana (c. 500 CE), that the ancient goddess worship first resurfaces, in the section called the Devimahatmya. Here the goddess (Devi/Durga/Kali) appears as the supreme deity. Most famous is the Bhagavata Purana (c. 900 CE), on which much Krishna worship is based. The rich mythology of the Puranas, itself of folk origin, is often omitted from formal presentations of their religion by Hindus, but nevertheless lives on, complemented by current folk and tribal mythology.

But India is strong in natural resources, has a well-educated middle class and the largest number of scientific workers of any nation. Many professionals go abroad but return to India bringing new skills with them. India is particularly strong in computer software personnel and companies. India remains open to all modern ideas, while preserving its rich cultural heritage. HINDUISM AND MODERN SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY It is not the British people who rule India, but modern civiJization rules India through its railways, telegraph, telephone, etc.

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