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Comparative Religion

Religious Values of the Terminally Ill by Delfi Mondragon

By Delfi Mondragon

Companies of pastoral healthcare often ask health facility ethics committees the way to take care of the demise sufferers of assorted faiths.  except the accountability to the participants concerned and their non secular traditions, there are implications for constructing HMO's to improve the right kind ways to delicate questions. This ebook is the results of a convention held on the Creighton college heart for overall healthiness coverage between representatives of a number of non secular traditions: the Omaha and Winnebago tribes, Zen Buddhists, Jews, Muslims, the state of Islam, Hindus, the Plains Indians and Navahos, Jehovah's Witnesses and Southwestern Hispanics. It was once felt that the spiritual traditions of Catholic and Protestant church buildings have been kind of renowned and didn't desire inclusion right here at this time. Each follows a collection define of questions and problems.  between those are each one religion's religion point of view on sickness and suffering. There used to be a amazing consensus at the have to settle for affliction to be able to develop; the which means of the afterlife; key words that are supposed to be utilized in those components whilst facing a sufferer; perspectives on vacationing the ill, autopsy arrangements and different similar questions. The research isn't intended to be all inclusive; quite, it's a promising starting that touches on a few vital ideals and techniques of serious price to healthcare companies in every single place.

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We can never know the beneficial effect we have on a person who becomes ill, or is confined. This should be practiced by everyone and can lead to greater spiritual awareness.

4. The key terms and vocabulary that nurses, physicians, and clergy might use in dealing with a patient and his family at times of acute illness and death. 5. Where to call for assistance when physicians, nurses, social workers, or hospital clergy need information about dealing with patients of the religion, particularly if they are acutely ill or dying. Page 4 6. What is the view of the religion on visiting the sick? 7. If death occurs, what is the religion's practice regarding the postmortem attention of the body?

If no Muslim relative, then it is the duty of other Muslims or the Imam. There is no need to wash or pray over a stillborn infant. Private parts should be covered during washing. The water used should be lukewarm, pure, colorless, and odorless. A cleaning agent such as soap should be Page 39 used to cleanse the body before it is rinsed with pure water. In the final washing, a nonalcoholic perfume is to be added to the water. Before washing the deceased, the washer must make his intention. The washer's left hand must be covered or wrapped with a nontransparent material before washing the deceased, and it should be used when removing any unclean matter from the body.

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