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Restraint by Debra Glass

By Debra Glass

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However much she wanted it she could not present herself to be spanked. ” His voice was stern and charged with warning. She chewed her bottom lip, unable to bring herself to comply. And then a hard, stinging slap landed on her buttocks. Catherine gasped, surprised by the unexpected pain of it. ” This time, she timorously pulled her knees up, raising her buttocks in the air with her head pressed into the pillow, maddeningly aroused by the exhibition of her own genitalia. Crazy desire spiraled through her.

She closed her eyes as Lydia began to wash her hair, wishing it was Thomas who bathed her instead. Two days ago she had never dreamed she would be inclined to such wanton behavior, to such feelings she knew arose from the darkest depths of her being. It was an entirely new experience. One she would be reluctant to leave behind. She swallowed. ” “Tell me about Thomas. What is his last name? ” Catherine tried to quell her obvious disappointment. There must be something she could find out. “Can you tell me if there are any other girls here?

The voice was low and velvety. Catherine froze. Chills swept down her body. ” But even as she uttered the words, she thought back over what had happened—the odd gleam in Robert’s eyes, the encouragement to finish her drink. It all made perfect, horrific sense. The bed sank and she felt a hard thigh encased in rough linen press against hers. Panic surged. Her captor’s heat radiated through his clothing, making her all too conscious of how vulnerable she was. The idea that this man—this stranger—was looking upon her filled her with emotions she did not comprehend.

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