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Revelation by Lauren Dane

By Lauren Dane

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Idiots or not, they're easy on the eyes. If we could only duct tape Carlos's and Beth's mouths closed, it would be perfect. " Renee grinned, looking a lot like their mother. "I know! " "I'm working on it. This calls for a prize, a treat, a celebration. " Her sister was a fairly health-conscious woman, Kendra rarely saw her eat what could be termed junk food. " Renee laughed as they stood and headed out into the living room area of Renee's home. Both women stopped and just took in the sight in front of them as males of all shapes and sizes, though all equally gorgeous, lounged and watched a game on the big screen.

He sat back as they brought her coffee. She stirred and he watched. "Did you know that jaguars are keen hunters? " He poured a glass of wine. " "No. It's fine. " "Okay then. So, here's the deal, I'm going to let you go for now. But you need to know that I know your answer is bullshit. " While she loved and didn't fight her physical attraction to him, he seemed to have this power to look right through her. It left her exposed and uncomfortable. He leaned back in his seat again. "Tell me about yourself.

He was gorgeous, intelligent, well spoken, sexy, arrogant, well educated, powerful, and he had a lot of money. Jeez. " His voice broke into her thoughts. " "Mmm hmm. Anyway, like you, when I was a kid I knew it was what I wanted to be. In high school I was on the debate team and we had a mock trial. I was hooked on trial work from then on. I love my work. I'm good at it and I get to do it with my family. It's a nice continuity in my life. " "Somehow I don't think they'd dare to be otherwise. " She picked up her coffee and drank, mentally kicking herself for saying that out loud.

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