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Comparative Religion

Revelation in Religious Belief by George I. Mavrodes

By George I. Mavrodes

Booklet by means of Mavrodes, George I.

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But I have in mind here those disputes in which the alternatives seem to belong to quite different types, and in which, indeed, the debate emphasizes the difference in type. So it is not uncommon now to read that modern theologians favor the view that in revelation God reveals Himself, while earlier theologians are said generally to have held the view that God revealed a set of truths, propositions, or doctrines. 7 And this difference is , often thought to represent an important change-usually, ';'indeed, it is represented as a major improvement-in the ;; theological understanding of revelation.

No doubt the stars, the sea, the mountains, and various other aspects of the world affect me in various ways, and many of those ways give, rise to no corresponding cognitive element. If it should happen, however, that the disposition to believe in God cannot be set off in that way, but only via some judgment or belief about the world, then perhaps we should say that theism is an evidentially based belief after all. However that may be, we can say at least this much. If there is no God, then of course there is no divine revelation, whether by causation or in any other mode.

If the attorney says that she was employed by the CIA, and we believe her then we might say that she revealed that she was employed by the CIA. If we The Manifestation Model do not believe her-if we think she is lying or even if we are merely in some doubt-I think we would not normally speak of her revealing something. Rather we would talk of what the attorney says, or claims, or asserts, or argues, and so on. For unlike the notion of revelation none of these latter notions is specially attached to truth.

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