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Rivers and Lakes (Eye Wonder) by Simon Holland; Anna Lofthouse

By Simon Holland; Anna Lofthouse

Meet mountain bears and fearsome crocodiles during this advisor to the realm of rivers and lakes geared toward the more youthful, probably reluctant, reader. The evidence and tales are written in available language and are supported through color photos.

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Very strict laws have been passed to try to make sure that industries deal with their waste properly. Hard to breathe ÒLime dropsÓ Waste from boats and industries located in river estuaries can have a serious effect on wildlife. Oil can spill from boat engines or tankers, and this blocks the supply of oxygen to fish. In Scandinavia, many lakes are very clear Ð but this is actually the result of acid rain pollution, which reduces the amount of life in the lakes. This helicopter is dropping lime into a lake, to cancel out the life-killing acid.

The lake still contains a variety of jellyfish that once only lived in the ocean. Water thoughts ¥ Over time, the Mastigias jellyfish in Jellyfish Lake have lost their ability to sting, while the same species in the nearby ocean can still inflict a nasty bite. ¥ The Amazon River collects water from a region more than 10 times the size of France. Divers can swim among the stingless jellies of Jellyfish Lake in total safety. Glossary This A-Z glossary explains important words to do with rivers and lakes.

Tadpole the name for the larva (young stage) of a frog or toad. Tributary a stream that runs into another to form a larger stream with a greater discharge. Valley a lowland area between hills or mountains. Rivers flow through valleys, and are fed by the precipitation that moves down from the higher ground. Water cycle the process during which water heats up, rises into the atmosphere, forms clouds, falls as precipitation, and then returns to the ocean via rivers. Water vapor water in the form of a gas, after it has evaporated.

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