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Rogue: The Cat Star Chronicles #3 by Cheryl Brooks

By Cheryl Brooks

No lady has ever tamed him before... Does she even stand a chance?

Enslaved for years, Tychar belongs to the Queen of Darconia. His pussycat gene offers him awesome sexual powers and each girl in the world is in love with him. Then, the Queen provides him to Kyra.

Or will she be simply one other one of his conquests? Why could he pick out the modest piano instructor? but the 2 are attracted to one another with a strong, magnetic charm in contrast to any he is felt before... Then the palace is attacked in a coup, and Tychar has to decide on among freedom and love.

The 3rd ebook in wildly renowned Cat big name Chronicles, a mystical romance sequence that includes heroes with a pussycat gene that provides them extraordinary sexual powers.

The Cat superstar Chronicles:
Slave (Book 1)
Warrior (Book 2)
Rogue (Book 3)
Outcast (Book 4)
Fugitive (Book 5)
Hero (Book 6)
Virgin (Book 7)
Stud (Book 8)
Wildcat (Book 9)
Rebel (Book 10)

Praise for The Cat famous person Chronicles:
"Fun, distinctive, and depraved sexy!" —Sydney Croft
"Fascinating global customs, a little bit a secret, and the connection among the hero and heroine make this a really sensual romance."—Romantic Times
"A compelling story of threat, intrigue, and scorching romance!"—Candace Havens, writer of Like a Charm

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With round, bulbous eyes and a fishlike mouth, he was pretty ugly, but if his fingers were any indication, he must have been an outstanding waiter—I doubted he ever dropped much of anything. I also noted that, like the Darconians, neither of them wore any clothing. Having set down the trays, the taller one asked Scalia if she needed anything else. ” 28 Cheryl Brooks “A really big glass of water,” I gasped. Princess Zealon laughed out loud. ” “Yes, you did,” Scalia said with a nod. Mystified, my gaze darted back and forth between the two of them.

Zealon sat up a bit straighter, as though preparing to recite a poem. ” “Well, that just about sums it up,” I said, silently thanking God that at least someone had done her homework, and I would never be offered wriggling worms for dinner! “Very good, Princess. ” Scalia smiled—I was sure this time, though in all honesty, it looked more like a grimace—as she patted her daughter on the head. “Zealon will be able to answer all of your questions, for she is quite intelligent. ” I was glad I had Zealon to talk with, because I had always felt so much more at ease with children.

But I am not dangerous,” he protested. “No? Perhaps not right now, but I think you could be. ” As I lay there drifting for a while, I noticed that my head was swimming less since I’d lain down, but I still felt odd, though it might have been because he was spooned up against me so intimately. His fingertips were tracing patterns on my hip, sending scores of tingles racing up and down my spine. As he snuggled closer, I felt his other hand began to tease the stray tendrils of hair at my temple, and his breath was tantalizingly warm on my neck.

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