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Sex and the Single Vampire by Katie MacAlister

By Katie MacAlister

It is not effortless discovering love if you are 9 hundred years outdated . . . And undead Romance novelist Christian Dante is attractive and boastful, a real alpha male. he is additionally a dismal One (aka vampire), doomed to spend eternity cruising the singles scene looking for the single girl who can redeem his soul. yet eventually he is stumbled on the affection that destiny has selected for him. Too undesirable she sees useless humans and loves to play with demons. Allie Telford is a Summoner—and she must rustle up a ghost lovely darn speedy or her paranormal profession may be over. fortunately, she's simply stumbled upon a unadorned and undoubtedly scorching specter in a haunted lodge . . . who appears disturbingly just like the tall, darkish, good-looking delusion guy who is been coming to Allie in her goals. however it turns out he is no phantom after all—he's a true flesh-and-blood- fed immortal who is decided to make Allie his lover for ceaselessly . . . or longer. that can now not be a unconditionally undesirable factor . . .

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That room over there has had recorded temperature drops of ten degrees. The door at the end of the landing leads to the room where a pig farmer was murdered. He's seen only on nights with a full moon, so you probably won't have much luck there. Across the hall is the room where a vicar named Phillip Michaels was set upon by thieves, and left hanging. And to the left"—he turned and shone his light beyond me. I turned my face away. " I asked as I pulled out the infrared scope, juggling the ion detector, flashlight, and scope not too successfully as I headed to the left.

The ultrasonic detector was quiet. I paused long enough to pop it back into the bag and pull out the ion detector before hurrying to catch up with Carlos. "… creating the greatest team of paranormal investigators that Britain has ever seen. It's all pure research, of course, the team being sent out to hot spots to locate and verify entities and disturbances. The team will be paid from a private fund set up by Mrs. " In other words, it was a pet project set up by another fan of the unexplained who likely had more money than brain cells.

An hour later I rose from where I had been kneeling in the room supposedly haunted by a murdered pig farmer. My leg was stiff and sore from sitting on hard wooden floors, my fingers were almost numb with cold despite my gloves, and I had lost all feeling in my nose. "So much for one of London's most haunted buildings," I said sourly to the empty room as I gathered up my equipment and started for the stairs. The feeling of uneasiness that had first claimed me when Carlos left hadn't dissipated, but I haven't fought for control of my life to let a little thing like fear rule me.

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