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Shadowlight (The Kyndred) by Lynn Viehl

By Lynn Viehl

With only one contact, Jessa Bellamy can see anyone’s darkest secrets and techniques, because of whoever tampered together with her genes. What she doesn’t comprehend is biotech corporation has found her expertise and intends to kill her and harvest her useful DNA... Gaven Matthias is pressured to abduct Jessa himself so he can defend her, yet Jessa has a troublesome time believing the single guy whose secrets and techniques she can’t learn. As a tremendous murderer closes in and forces them to run, Jessa must locate in a different way to find if Matthias is her maximum ally—or her deadliest enemy.

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Why didn’t you stop them? Why didn’t you tell them about us? ” When he still wouldn’t answer, her voice rose to a shriek. ” “Jennifer, please,” Whitemarsh said, matching her whine with his own. “This is all a terrible misunderstanding. ” His throat moved as he glanced at the gun in her hands. “You won’t shoot me. You can’t. ” Jennifer looked down at the gun, too, as if she’d forgotten she was holding it. ” She raised the barrel. Whitemarsh spun on his heel, running for his office, and then jerked and fell forward as Jennifer fired.

Jennifer frowned. ” Min couldn’t move until the shots exploded and she saw Tag fall, and then she dropped the phone and stumbled to him, collapsing beside him. She cradled his head with her arm, and a stream of bright red blood poured from his mouth as he tried to speak. ” She shook her head as his eyes closed and his body went limp. ” A shadow fell over them. ” The hot end of a gun barrel nudged Min’s temple. ” When she didn’t move, Jennifer grabbed her by the hair and used it to yank her to her feet.

I’ve heard of Phoenix. ” He shook his head. ” Genaro didn’t answer. He watched as two lab techs wheeled in a long, sheet-draped box on a gurney, followed by Elliot Kirchner, his chief geneticist. He switched on the intercom. “Dr. ” Kirchner, a tall, cranelike man with iron gray hair, glanced at the viewer. ” He pulled the sheet away, revealing the body inside the glass coffin. Genaro studied his investment. Bandages encased the head, but the rest of the specimen appeared to be in superb condition.

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