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Shakespeare's Language: A Glossary of Unfamiliar Words in by Eugene Shewmaker

By Eugene Shewmaker

It really is stated that England and the United States are international locations separated by means of a standard language, and nowhere is that truer than in our dealings with the Bard. Rife with arcane references, unusual expressions, or even made-up phrases, Shakespeare's texts can intimidate even the main discovered reader. the following in a single complete quantity, Shakespeare's ornate and occasionally bewildering language is made effortless to appreciate. Shakespeare's Language is a useful computer source for someone drawn to making feel of 1 of the world's maximum playwrights.

The 15,000 entries comprising Shakespeare's Language feature:

Definitions of phrases as they're utilized in the texts

A quote putting each one outlined observe or word in context, so that you may be convinced of its right usage

Geographical references, historic and mythological figures, and foreign-language expressions.

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Extra info for Shakespeare's Language: A Glossary of Unfamiliar Words in His Plays and Poems

Example text

In [our] imagination: “. . unto us it is/ A cell of ignorance, travelling a-bed . ” Cymb, III, iii, 32–33. a’, prep. 1 of: “With all the spots a’ th’ world tax’d and debosh’d . ” All’s W, V, iii, 205. 2 have: “If I could a’ remembered a gilt counterfeit . ” Tr & Cr, II, iii, 26. ” Hen 5, II, iii, 32–33. abhominable, adj. old spelling (and pronunciation) of abominable: “This is abhominable,/ which he would call abominable . ” Love’s L, V, i, 23–24. abhor, v. abhor me, fill me with abhorrence; disgust me: “I cannot say ‘whore’: It does abhor me now I speak the word .

Sonn 62, 6. ” Ham, I, v, 78–79. ” 1 Hen 4, V, i, 37–38. —v. ” Shrew, IV, iii, 178. 7 account of, to appreciate; esteem: “How esteem’st thou me? ” Two Gent, II, i, 59. 11/27/07 3:52:03 PM act accountant, adj. ” Meas, II, iv, 86. accoutrement, n. equipment: “. . not only . . ” Wives, IV, ii, 3–5. accuse, v. ” Rich 2, I, i, 47. —n. 2 accusation: “And dogged York . . ” 2 Hen 6, III, i, 158–160. ace, n. ” M N Dream, V, i, 296. acerb, adj. sour; bitter: “. . ” Oth, I, iii, 350. Acheron, n. 1 river of Hades: “The starry welkin cover thou anon/ With drooping fog, as black as Acheron .

Aby, v. ” M N Dream, III, ii, 174–175. abysm, n. ” Temp, I, ii, 49–50. academe, n. academy, modeled after Plato’s which gathered in ancient Athens: “Our court shall be a little academe . ” Love’s L, I, i, 13. accent, n. 1 power of speech: “And ’midst the sentence so her accent breaks . ” Luc, 566. 2 modulation of the voice in speaking: “Action and accent did they teach him there . ” Love’s L, V, ii, 99. 3 sound or expressiveness of the voice: “For why, the senseless brands will sympathize/ The heavy accent of thy moving tongue .

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