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Solution Chemistry of Surfactants: Volume 1 by E. Tomlinson, S. S. Davis, G. I. Mukhayer (auth.), K. L.

By E. Tomlinson, S. S. Davis, G. I. Mukhayer (auth.), K. L. Mittal (eds.)

The 52nd Colloid and floor technological know-how Symposium of the Divis­ ion of Colloid and floor Chemistry of the yankee Chemical Society used to be held in Knoxville, TN, June 12-14, 1978, and one in all its Sections used to be dedicated to the subject of answer Chemistry of Surfactants. even though it used to be billed because the part on answer Chemistry of Surfactants, however it was once certainly a veritable inter­ nationwide symposium in this subject as fifty one papers through approximately a hundred con­ tributors from 12 international locations have been indexed within the application. the current quantity and its significant other quantity 2 record the lawsuits of the above-mentioned part on resolution Chemistry of Surfactants. In 1976 there has been held a world symposium on Micellization, Solubilization and Microemulsions in Albany, l the complaints of that have been chronicled in volumes. loads of fabric facing micelles contributed via a legion of favourite researchers constitutes those volumes yet a number of subtopics weren't properly lined; so it used to be deemed appro­ priate to hide those subject matters in addition to the new growth within the common sector of aggregation of surfactants during this part. additionally because it is the amphiphilicity or amphipathicity* of a surfact­ ant molecule that's answerable for either adsorption at inter­ faces and aggregation in resolution, so it used to be thought of really apropos to incorporate the subject of adsorption at interfaces during this part. Concomitantly, the current volumes not just disguise the aggregation phenomena but additionally the adsorption at interfaces.

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