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Soulmate by Lisa Jane Smith

By Lisa Jane Smith

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I'll die before my seventeenth birthday. It's my punishment for loving him. " "Right. Okay. Okay, let's try something really basic here. . " Hannah lifted a hand and let it drop. " she whispered. " "When what? " Paul shook his head. "Oh, hell-" Hannah spoke precisely. "He's used different names at different times. He's had-hundreds, I guess. But I think of him as Thierry. Thierry Des- couedres. " There was a long silence. Then Paul said, "The last couple of ... " "Lifetimes. It may still be his name now.

Like my best friend, Chess. She's got the same face, the same eyes. She's wearing skins, too . . " "Yeah, and it has about the detail of most of the past-life regressions in this book," Paul said wryly. Hannah could tell he was flipping pages. "You're doing something to something with a rock. You're wearing some kind of skins. The book's full of descriptions like that. People who want to imagine themselves in the olden days, but who don't know the first thing about them," he muttered to himself.

She didn't realize that she was going to say it until the words were out. But then, with everybody looking at her, she drew herself up tall. "Whether he's a demon or a spirit, you'd better not hurt him. It's Old Mother who should decide what to do with him. " "You're not a shaman yet," another of the men said. It was Arno, a very broad-shouldered man who was the leader of the hunters. Hana didn't like him. And she wasn't sure why she had spoken up in favor of the stranger. There was something in his eyes, the look of a suffering animal.

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