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Comparative Religion

Start Your Own Religion by Timothy Leary

By Timothy Leary

I commence with a citat from the ebook
reward your self for making offerings that bring about friendship and pleasure.

i imagine many of us may have an outstanding insite and awakening by way of figuring out his ebook .
not basically raid it like a singular ,BUT comprehend IT
then timothy is basically alive and one of many pioniers of the conciousness of men
All his e-book are approximately freedom of brain and considering ,this one tells a mystery that ,not such a lot of humans can see and observe it in there dailly lifestyles.

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3 We took pride in this diversity. It seemed like a mark of distinction. We clearly do have a long history of religious diversity. This history has affected our laws, encouraging us to avoid governmental intrusion in religious affairs that might lead to an establishment of one tradition in favor of others. And it has taught us a kind of civic decorum that discourages blatant expressions of racist, ethnocentric, and nativist ideas. Yet it will not do, now in the face of new diversity, simply to rewrite our nation’s history as a story of diversity and pluralism.

2. Religious pluralism. 3. United States—Religion. I. Title. edu Printed in the United States of America 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 CONTENTS List of Tables Preface Introduction Confronting Diversity Chapter 1 A Special People in a Diverse World First Encounters Toward a New Nation From Missions to Comparative Religion The Tripartite Settlement Beyond Christian America? Chapter 2 The New Diversity American Hindus American Buddhists American Muslims Living among Christians Pluralism or Coexistence? Chapter 3 The Significance of Religious Diversity A Threat to Democracy?

They frequently work in middle-class occupations and live in the same neighborhoods as other Americans do. Their mosques, temples, and meditation centers are often located in close proximity to churches and synagogues. 2 Diversity is always challenging, whether it is manifest in language differences or in modes of dress, eating, and socializing. Seeing people with different habits and lifestyles makes it harder to practice our own unreflectively. When religion is involved, these challenges are multiplied.

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