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Starting with Heidegger by Tom Greaves

By Tom Greaves

A brand new advent to Heidegger, guiding the coed throughout the total improvement of his principles. >

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Does this mean that Dasein has no gender or sex? Does it mean that it has no sexuality? If so, then it would seem to be very implausible to claim that such a being is the being that we ourselves are. Surely these are some of the most significant ‘facts’ about our own existence, so that an analysis which leaves them to one side would not only be incomplete but fundamentally distorted. In 1928 Heidegger responded to this kind of concern with the analysis presented in Being and Time by claiming that the problem must be addressed in terms a certain kind of ‘neutrality’ of that analysis: ‘The peculiar neutrality of the term “Dasein” is essential, because the interpretation of this being must be carried out prior to every factual concretion.

A box of fishing hooks is not on its own fishing tackle, but it is likely to be involved in fishing tackle. A rod and a net are also likely to be part of the tackle. Is that all that makes up the tackle? We are only able to think this way because of a rather narrow view of what is involved in going fishing. Again, this is what we usually think of as ‘the tackle’, all the items we can buy in a tackle shop. What is really involved in going fishing is much more. Almost everything involved in the tackle as a whole is taken for granted.

The problem arises when we fail to adequately characterize the 36 WORLD: THE EVENT OF MEANING phenomenon of world itself. The difficulty is not that of connecting the world up with something extra-worldy, but how to understand the world in the first place. When we present the problem of world as one of connecting up the world with something other than the world, then we have no chance of penetrating into the real difficulty, because we have already assumed an understanding of the world as one thing or set of things that can be connected up to something else.

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