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Stretching dynamique by Frenette

By Frenette

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270–271: Hic invenit Manicheos, quos etiam discussit cum examinatione plagarum, exilio deportavit; quorum codices ante fores basilicae Constantinianae incendio concremavit; cf. Lieu, Manichaeism (as in n. 8), p. 207; Bruno Dume´zil: Les racines chre´tiennes de l’Europe. Conversion et liberte´ dans les royaumes barbares, Ve-VIIIe sie`cles, Paris 2006, p. 327. 114 Conc. Toletanum II (a. 527), in: Concilios visigo´ticos (as in n. 44), p. 49. 115 Conc. , p. 67–69. 116 Conc. , p. 78–106. 117 Martinus Bracarensis, De correctione rusticorum, ed.

P. 183–187; Tractatus 42,4–6 (as in n. 112), p. , p. , p. 448; Artur Paul Lang, Leo der Große und die Texte des Altgelasianums, mit Berücksichtigung des Sacramentarium Leonianum und des Sacramentarium Gregorianum, Steyl 1956, p. 54, 76–77; for a collection of all sermons dealing with the Manichaeans, cf. ), St. Leo (as in n. 3). 28 Daniel König Despite all his efforts to banish the Manichaeans from Rome, Pope Leo did not succeed in wiping out their traces. According to the Liber Pontificalis, a number of popes in the late 5th and early 6th century sent Manichaeans into exile and burned their codices.

79. 22 Daniel König the willing endevour of everybody, is putting forth heads as if it were a watersnake. Although some may have added their blasphemies to an ancient error, others may have retained it intact unto this very moment. [. « Probably as a result of this insecurity, Turribius decided to write to Pope Leo I who, according to Hydatius, had initiated a campaign against the Manichaeans in the provinces in 44593. In 447 Pervincus, Turribius’ deacon, brought an anti-Priscillianist treatise and a letter written by Pope Leo, to Astorga94.

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