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Structure and Chemistry (Plart D) by Atta-ur-Rahman

By Atta-ur-Rahman

Hardbound. fast advances in chromatographic methods, spectroscopic innovations and pharmacological assay equipment have ended in the invention of more and more new and fascinating usual items from terrestrial and marine sources.The current quantity includes finished studies on a few of the significant advances during this box that have taken position lately. The experiences comprise these on:- novel metabolites from marine gastropods- the chemistry of marine common items of the Halenaquinol kinfolk- secondary metabolites from Echinoderms and Bryozoans- triterpenoids and fragrant compounds from medicinal vegetation- chemistry and task of sesquiterpenes from the genus Lactarius- the chemistry of bile alcohols- antifungal sesquiterpene dialdehydes- Annonaceous acetogenins- nargenicin macrolides- lignans and diarylheptanoids.Tropane alkaloids and ph

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