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Symmetry 2 : unifying human understanding by I. Hargittai

By I. Hargittai

Symmetry 2 goals to offer an outline of the modern prestige of symmetry reports, quite within the arts and sciences, emphasizing either its function and value. Symmetry isn't just one of many primary suggestions in technology, yet is usually in all likelihood the easiest unifying suggestion among a variety of branches of technological know-how, the humanities and different human actions. while symmetry has been thought of very important for hundreds of years basically for its aesthetic allure, this century has witnessed a dramatic enhancement of its prestige as a cornerstone within the sciences. as well as commonly symmetry-oriented fields similar to crystallography and spectroscopy, the concept that has made headway in fields as different as response chemistry, nuclear physics, and the examine of the beginning of the universe. The ebook was once initiated in accordance with the good fortune of the 1st quantity, which not just bought strong reports, yet acquired the award for "The top unmarried factor of a magazine" via the organization of yankee Publishers for 1986. the second one quantity extends the appliance of symmetry to new fields, resembling clinical sciences and economics, in addition to investigating additional definite themes brought in Symmetry. The ebook is largely illustrated and with over sixty four contributions from sixteen nations offers a world review of the character and variety of symmetry stories this present day.

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As we move from non-living to living matter we see a progressive segregation of the information-carrying function. Gregory Chaitin has developed a useful definition of randomness. Given a sequence of binary digits, can this sequence be described by a description which is much shorter than the sequence itself? For example, the sequence (of 30 bits) 000 1 1 000 1 1 000 l 1 000 l 1000 1 1 000 1 1 is simply the sequence 000 1 1 repeated six ( 1 1 0) times. Thus 30 bits can be reduced to about 8 (in the framework of a particular system of logic).

The Penrose pattern This appears to be a unique quasi-lattice which has local five-fold axes of symmetry. It may occur in two-dimensional or three-dimensional form, the plane pattern being a section through the three-dimensional. The pattern has recently been observed experimentally in splat­ cooled Al6Mn. It is hierarchic and non-periodic , although made out of copies of two types of tiles infinitely repeated. It is possible that a similar tiling with seven-fold symmetry exists, if negative tiles are allowed in order to remove the overlapping of closely packed hepta­ gons .

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