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Textbook of Engineering Drawing, Second Edition by Reddy, K. Venkata.

By Reddy, K. Venkata.

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There are 40 msd on the scale. It is drawn to 1:25 scale. 91m. 13. 15cm of a vernier scale represents 1cm. 8 to show decimetres cm and mm. The scale should be capable of reading upto 12 decimeters. 57 decimetres. 1 Introduction Engineering drawing consists of a number of geometrical constructions. A few methods are illustrated here without mathematical proofs. 1. To divide a straight line into a given number of equal parts say 5. 1) A " 4' 3' 2' B 2 I 3 4 5 c Fig. 1 Dividing a line 1. Draw AC at any angle e to AB.

Set the compass to the length AB and strating from B mark off on the circuference of the circles, obtaining the points C, D, etc. , is the required polygon. 6. To inscribe a hexagon in a given circle. (a) Construction (Fig. 6) by using a set-square or mini-draughter o 2 2 E 21 2~, A 0 60' 60' A Fig. 6 1. With centre 0 and radius R draw the given crcle. 2. Draw any diameter AD to the circle. 3. Using 30° - 60° set-square and through the point A draw lines AI, A2 at an angle 60° with AD, intesecting the circle at B and F respectively.

16 Textbook of Enginnering D r a w i n g - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Fig. 20 Dimensioning a Tapered Feature 2. A leader line is a line referring to a feature (object, outline, dimension). Leader lines should be inclined to the horizontal at an angle greater than 30°. 21a). 21b). 21c). (b) (a) (c) Fig. 22). The arrow head included angle is 15°. The origin indication is drawn as a small open circle of approximately 3 mm in diameter. 23. -I -----------~o Fig. l. & __ A _ _ ... 1 Fig. 24). The arrow head termination may be either on the inside or outside of the feature outline, depending on the size of the feature.

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