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The Arms Race in the Era of Star Wars by David Carlton, Carlo Schaerf

By David Carlton, Carlo Schaerf

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Nuclear Energy: Selected Entries from the Encyclopedia of Sustainability Science and Technology

Nuclear strength presents an authoritative reference on all facets of the nuclear from primary reactor physics calculations to reactor layout, nuclear gas assets, nuclear gas cycle, radiation detection and safety, and nuclear energy economics. that includes 19 peer-reviewed entries by means of well-known experts within the box, this ebook offers accomplished, streamlined assurance of basics, present parts of analysis, and objectives for the long run.

Return to Armageddon: The United States and the Nuclear Arms Race, 1981–1999

While the chilly conflict ended, the realm let loose a collective sigh of reduction because the worry of nuclear war of words among superpowers seemed to vanish in a single day. As we procedure the recent millennium, even if, the proliferation of nuclear guns to ever extra belligerent nations and factions increases alarming new issues in regards to the chance of nuclear struggle.

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These are situations of a kind which will recur again and again into the twenty-first century. The world might become less dangerous if statements of essential national interest were laid upon the table and there was a recognition of weaknesses as well as strengths. The Soviet Union may actually be a declining superpower and adopt a more aggressive stance because she feels cornered. 2 The Soviets will surely not become less hostile in the next decades either by being forced down directly or because their defence expenditure has been deliberately forced up to intolerable levels by outside pressures.

Registers of the flow of weapons systems over the world are meticulously made every year (though from official sources only a percentage of the total flow can be discovered) and forecasts are made on the basis of the trends that appear from a careful analysis of these facts, as far as these facts are known and verifiable. Manpower is counted to the last recruit. Predictions about performance in battle, however, are seldom given because such predictions are considered to contain too much speculation.

Our purpose is simply to illustrate how the human mind works. First, problems are defined, and subsequently solutions are sought. From several hypothetical solutions, one of them becomes the final answer. This solution is followed by an operationalisation: the implementation of the solution.

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