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Comparative Religion

The Attraction of Peyote: An Inquiry into the Basic by Ake Hultkrantz

By Ake Hultkrantz

The charm of Peyote: An Inquiry into the fundamental stipulations for the Diffusion of the Peyote faith in North the US (Stockholm reviews in Comparative faith , No 33)

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Also the Lakota were reached by this version of Peyote religion ("the cross-fire"), through the influence of the Winnebago. 78 The debate goes on. 79 In clear contrast to him other students, in particular Omer Stewart, count the Christian elements among the basic traits of Peyotism. 82 Also Carling Malouf, writing about Gosiute Peyotism, attributes a decided Christian flavour to their Peyote religion 74 Speck 1933, p. 547. La Barre 1975 b, pp. 167 ff, cf. also pp. , and Stewart 1987, p. 223. 76 Slotkin 1956 a, pp.

56 It also says something of the institutionalization of Peyotism as a church with its distinctive formalism. Both these theories may in the long run be subsumed under one common assumption: that in its present form the Peyote ritual originated on the Southern Plains. 63 Some authors like La Barre and Opler relegate it to a secondary factor of late provenience, others, like Slotkin and Stewart, believe it has been present at an early date, before the diffusion of the Peyote religion north of the Rio Grande.

17 La Barre 1975 b, pp. 50 f. The whistling is the cry of the bird in search of water, op. , p. 71. See also Stewart 1970, p. 790. 18 La Barre 1975 b, p. 78. 19 La Barre 1975 b, pp. 39, 71. 20 The same informant called my attention to the fact that in the summer month VI (Etzalqualiztli) Aztec priests bathed imitating waterbirds, see Sahagún 1950-69, Book 2, pp. 74 f. 22 Whether such identifications are only formal accommodations to a Christian surrounding or earnest faith depends of course upon the cult groups and the individuals.

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