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The Big Book of Gross Stuff by Bart King

By Bart King

From boogers, B.O., and belches to sneezes, ailments, and demon cheeses, the large publication of Gross Stuff is brim-full of useful wisdom together with a Gross Quiz (kids can see how they stack up opposed to the remainder of society) and the World's so much Disgusting Jobs (whale-feces study, anyone?). With the flip of each web page, Bart King will problem your gag reflexes as he introduces issues, terminology and trivialities approximately bogs, scabies, decaying our bodies, and lots more and plenty extra. The pages overflow with humor and an array of cool words that might have readers bending and sending, blowing soup, and gargling gravy all of the solution to the rest room!

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Wow, rainbows are pretty! And since there was a lot of pooping on the days that you and I were born, you can probably guess one of the colors of that rainbow. ” So don’t act like poop doesn’t have anything to do with you. It always has, ever since Day One! If You Love Someone, Change His Diapers Is it possible for love to overcome disgust? Perhaps if you feel deep affection for a person, then he or she is less likely to gross you out. Think about parents! If love weren’t stifling a mother’s “disgust,” she’d run screaming the first time Little Junior smeared poo-poo on the cat.

Oh, and it gets a bonus score for being made up entirely of intestine. The slime eel has no stomach—and four hearts! And it doesn’t have any bones, either. Good grief, is this thing even from our planet? Undertaker Prize: The burial beetle, also known as the carrion beetle, looks like an oversized ladybug. But it doesn’t fly away home. Instead, it comes out at night and starts looking for dead rodents or birds. When it finds one, the beetle crawls all over the carcass, leaving behind anti-fungal juices.

The Big Horse Apple In the 1970s, New York City became the first major city to require dog owners to clean up their dogs’ poop. Most Disgusting Babies Prize: The female Australian social spider gives birth to many babies at once. Unlike other spiders, she then lets her babies suck her juices out. Then the little brats puke all over her and eat the dissolved mess. Weirdest Way to Eat Champion: A starfish actually upchucks its stomach onto the things it wants to eat. This releases digestive juices right on the food.

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