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Comparative Religion

The Complete Idiot's Guide to World Religions (2nd Edition) by Brandon Toropov

By Brandon Toropov

A finished examine principles approximately God-in each nook of the globe. greater than at the other time in background, traditional everyone is examining up at the world's significant religions. Hinduism, Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, and Islam usually appear at odds with one another, and as readers fight to appreciate, the entire Idiot's consultant to global Religions, 3rd variation, offers accelerated and up to date insurance to respond to their questions. right here, comparative theologists Toropov and Buckles offer many solutions to latest questions on either significant and lesser-known religions and ideology. each one of 5 elements, one for each significant faith, discusses background, rituals, celebrations, holy files, deities, and constitution. incorporated are Asian paths of trust, non-scriptural religions, historical creeds, and the earth-based religions practiced in elements of Asia, Africa, South the USA, island countries, Europe, and North the United States. New insurance comprises:

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Building bridges to practitioners of other faiths is essential, because we often find ourselves in social or family relationships with those whose traditions are unfamiliar to us. ➤ Learning how the various religious traditions reinforce and support one another can be rewarding in and of itself. ➤ The more you know about other faiths, the less fear will be a factor in your dealings with people who practice those faiths. 10 Chapter 2 Lots of Different Names, Some Familiar Ideas In This Chapter ➤ How most religions regard the ancient truths (as inherited, rather than invented from scratch) ➤ What virtually all faiths have in common ➤ Why an unfamiliar faith may be more accessible than it first appears There are countless schools of religious thought, and yet a few common strands seem to run through them all.

It’s fair to say, then, that the Ten Commandments set forth in the books of Exodus and Deuteronomy and ascribed directly to God speaking to Moses, occupy a position of unparalleled importance in our religious tradition. They are revered by all three of human-kind’s major monotheistic traditions. That’s a pretty impressive display of unanimity! Close-Up on the Decalogue There won’t be very many points in this book where you’ll be asked to review extended scriptural passages word-for-word, but omitting the text of the Ten Commandments seems an oversight that would be hard to justify in any account of the spiritual pillars of Judaism.

You, like each of the members of the religious group you now find yourself interacting with, realize that you have been born, that you will someday die, and that a pattern or series of patterns sometimes arises that convinces you that these events have taken place, and will continue to take place, for a very definite reason, a reason that transcends both your triumphs and your failings. All of this is true for you. And it is also true for each and every member of the group you are studying now.

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