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The Conquest by Jude Deveraux

By Jude Deveraux

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Her prayer was not answered. What was Severn about? She knew next to nothing about tournament etiquette, but she could see that what he'd done was awful, truly awful. They could have quietly paraded past the stands, and perhaps their worn, dirty clothes would have caused little comment, but after that… She looked at Lady Anne, standing where Severn had left her, her hands in fists at her side. Zared knew fury when she saw it, and Lady Anne was murderous. All around her the people were silent, too stunned to make a sound.

A Howard was to protect her from the Howards. "Do not look at me so," Tearle said when Severn was gone. "I have told you again and again that I will not harm you. " "Your family has killed mine for three generations, yet I am to believe that a Howard is now my friend? " Tearle winced at her words and again asked himself why he did not leave. Perhaps her words weighed on him, and he felt the sins of his ancestors and his brothers on his shoulders. Perhaps his ancestors had stolen the Peregrine lands.

After you made a fool, an ass, a laughingstock of yourself yesterday over that colorless, weak, simpering Colbrand, I—" "When I want a Howard's opinion, I will ask for it. " "Treachery? I? I have been kind and generous while your Colbrand— All right, I will tell you. After you lost your senses I came to your rescue and took you from that spineless—" "You touched me? " she spat at him. He smiled at her. How easy she was to provoke to passion. " she asked eagerly. "Nay, not there. " Tearle snorted.

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