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Science Studies

The Day-Glo Brothers by Chris Barton,Tony Persiani

By Chris Barton,Tony Persiani

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After Joe got married in 1938, he and his wife, Elise, moved into a run-down old farmhouse so he would have room for his own laboratory. It wasn’t the best place for a young family, as their baby boy liked to chew on chemical-splattered shoes. But Bob and Joe’s efforts paid off brilliantly. One day they drove out to the city of Sandusky to check on a new billboard they had developed. Instead of using ink, they had soaked the billboard’s fabric panels with a combination of fluorescent orange dye and hot alcohol.

At first it may seem that neither brother ended up where he wanted to be. But in that darkened basement, the Switzer brothers began to look at the world in a different light. One brother wanted to save lives. The other brother wanted to dazzle crowds. With Day-Glo, they did both. how Does regular Fluorescence Work? sunlight is made up of colors ranging from red to violet. These colors combine to make white light. When white light hits an object, some of its colors are absorbed and some are reflected.

I received more cooperation from the Switzer family than I could have imagined. Bob’s widow, Pat, and Joe’s first wife, Elise de Groot, shared their memories with me, as did several of Bob’s and Joe’s children. I thank them all. My deepest appreciation goes to Bob and Joe’s younger brother, Fred Switzer, who provided a wealth of information and guidance. Of course, I wish I could have spoken with Joe and Bob themselves. , Bob wrote by longhand a seventy-five-page history of their years before moving to Ohio.

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