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Comparative Religion

The Day of a Buddhist Practitioner by Bokar Rinpoche

By Bokar Rinpoche

Giving up the normal actions of the mundane global to dedicate ourselves to non secular perform on my own could create a great for internal development. this can be attainable for terribly few contributors. For the remainder of us who needs to juggle paintings, kinfolk, neighbors, and take care of all types of feelings, how one can combine our non secular perform into lifestyle are a lot wanted. This ebook provides us this information in numerous occasions which will develop into extra aware approximately our way of life.

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Compassion: When we see a drama that depicts suffering, war, illness, quarrels, or death, let us think, "Beings suffer in many ways. " 51 Impermanence: Television shows us changes that occur in the world, situations that successively improve or deteriorate. We think that all phenomena of samsara are transitory and changing. Good or bad, everything changes. In fact, the true show is the world itself. Television only offers us a reduced sample, a small imitation. It is necessary to know how to apply the few examples that television gives us to the entire world, reflecting upon them to understand their universality.

Silks and jewels adorn him. A deer skin covers his shoulder, The Buddha of Infinite Light crowns his head. He sits in the vajra posture, 31 To his back is an immaculate moon disc. He gathers the essence of all Refuges. Praise: JO WO KYON GYI MA GU KU DU KAR DZOK SANG GYA Y KYI U LA GYEN TUK JAY CHEN GYI ORO LA ZIK CHEN RAY ZI LA CHAK TSAL LO (three times) Lord with a white body, stained by no defect, The perfect Buddha adorns your head. You look with the eyes of compassion upon all beings. To you, Chenrezig, I bow down.

Firstly, it wastes much time. Two hours spent watching television is two hours that we might have spent practicing the Dharma and, therefore, accumulating great positive potential. Or with these 50 two hours, we could have done something useful. Or with these two hours, we might have rested. It is better to sleep and be peaceful than to waste time in front of the television. - Secondly, television is harmful to our mind. We are usually inhabited by many thoughts. Nourishing our mind with all kinds of news and fantasy will only increase the flow of thoughts and will give us neither peace nor happiness.

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