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The Daydreamer (Red Fox older fiction) by Ian McEwan

By Ian McEwan

Peter Fortune is a daydreamer. he is a quiet ten yr previous who can not help himself from chucking up the sponge of truth and into the fantastic global of his brilliant mind's eye. His daydreams are wonderful and engaging - simply within the extraordinary and irritating global of desires can he swop our bodies with the family members cat and his child cousin, Kenneth, or wipe out his whole kinfolk with vanishing cream.

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No snow, no frost, not even an icy puddle to skate on. Only cold and grey, with a bitter wind that reached into Peter’s bedroom through a crack in the window. There were times when it seemed to him that all he had ever done in his life, and all he was ever going to do, was wake up, get up, and go to school. It did not make it easier that everyone else, grown- ups included, had to get up on dark winter mornings. If only they would all agree to stop, then he could stop too. But the earth kept turning, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday came round again, and everyone went on getting out of bed.

It was a quiet, slinky, curvy fold of pink and purple light, and it was climbing out of the cat. ‘You must be William’s spirit,’ Peter said aloud. ’ The light made no sound, but it understood. It seemed to say, without actually speaking the words, that it was both these things, and much more besides. When it was clear of the cat, which continued to lie on its back on the carpet in front of the fire, the cat spirit drifted into the air, and floated up to Peter’s shoulder where it settled. Peter was not frightened.

And Kate minded too. There were long afternoons when they got on each other’s nerves. A squabble would lead to a row, and a row to a fight, a proper punching, scratching, hair-pulling fight. Since Peter was three years older he expected to win these all-out battles. And in a sense, he did. He could always count on making Kate cry first. But was this really winning? Kate could hold her breath and push and make her face the colour of a ripe plum. All she needed to do then was run downstairs and show her mother ‘what Peter did’.

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