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The Dead Girls' Dance (Morganville Vampires) Paperback by Rachel Caine

By Rachel Caine

Claire has her proportion of demanding situations. Like being a genius in a college that favours attractiveness over brains; homicidal ladies in her dorm, and checking out that her university city is overrun with the residing useless. at the up aspect, she has a brand new boyfriend with a vampire-hunting dad. but if a neighborhood fraternity throws the useless ladies' Dance, hell is basically going to damage free.

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As if they could stop him. Claire felt cold. She could feel Shane‟s body shaking next to her, and ifshe felt cold, how must he be feeling? Frozen. Numb. She reached out to touch him and, like Eve, just…stopped. There was something about Shane right now that didn‟t want to be touched. “Anyway, my dad came home, eventually. Cops said it was a suicide, but after they were gone I told him. He didn‟t exactly want to hear it. ‟” Claire couldn‟t imagine how ugly that had been, for Shane to actually admit it.

But then again, maybe thatwas logical, from a vampire‟s planning perspective. Even in the hot beat of the sunlight, Claire shuddered at that idea, and moved faster past a street that ended in a deserted field littered with piled-up lumber and assorted junk. It even smelled like decay, the ugly smell of dead things left to rot in the heat. At least I‟m not walking it at night…. No power on earth was going to make her do that. The residential areas of Morganville were old, mostly run-down, parched and beaten by summer.

I—wasn‟t in a real good place; I don‟t remember some of that. Couple of weeks later we got a visit from these guys in suits. Not vamps, lawyers. They gave us money, lots of it. Insurance. Except we both knew who it was from, and the point was, they were trying to figure out what we knew and remembered. I was too drugged out to know what was going on, and Dad was drunk, so I guess that saved our lives. ‟” He wiped his forehead with the heel of his hand and laughed—a bitter, broken sound like glass in a blender.

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