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The Dinosaur Drawing Delivery

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Beaded Critters

;Beaded Critters КНИГИ ; ХОББИ и РАЗВЛЕЧЕНИЯ Автор: Коллектив Название: Beaded Critters Издательство: Kalmbach Books Год: 1989 Формат: jpg,djvu Размер: 21,6/5,5 Мб Для сайта: www. mirknig. comИздание на английском языке. Описание и руководства по исполнению 23 различных "созданий", в то или иное время опубликованных на страницах журнала BEAD&BUTTON.

Getting Started Knitting Socks (Getting Started series)

From cast-on stitches to binding off, this instruction manual info the easy steps had to flip doubtless complex sock knitting initiatives into effortless and relaxing actions. worthy images and educational drawings make sure that even green knitters can be in a position to produce fine quality socks and deal with extra complex innovations, resembling the Kitchener sew on the toe.

Cool Punch Needle for Kids. A Fun and Creative Introduction to Fiber Art

Know about the fundamentals of fiber arts whereas developing cool stuff. The Cool Punch Needle for children identify teaches the 1st steps of the way to punch needle. actions may help childrens use what they realized to make an grand magazine, a cuddly cup comfortable, a brightly coloured jewellery field and extra. customized how-to pictures and straightforward step by step directions make crafting a blast.

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