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The Early Palaeologan Renaissance: 1261 - C. 1360 by E. B. Fryde

By E. B. Fryde

The Byzantine global underwent a striking restoration of highbrow strength within the interval following the restoration of Constantinople in 1261. The response of the emperors and their entourage of well-educated excessive officers to their political mess ups used to be a planned revival of the glories of historical Greek tradition. This booklet explores the upkeep and dissemination via this discovered elite of such historic literature, philosophy and technology as nonetheless survived then, the advance of editorial recommendations which led to extra whole and not more corrupt texts, and their development purchase the addition of commentaries and different strategies.

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St. Gregory of Nazianzus (c. 330-c. ) was an outstand­ ing early Christian humanist. He became the only Christian poet who was used habitually in Byzantine schools as a model of Attic Greek. For him there was no conflict between admiration for all that was best in ancient Greek literature and the use of Hellenic culture in the service of Christianity. Gregory's Christian humanism was bound to appeal to Planudes, a model representative of Byzantine Christian humanism. 16 of 56 poems of St. Gregory, in what was otherwise almost entirely a collection of pagan poetry.

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