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The Empire Strikes Back?: The Impact of Imperialism on by Andrew S. Thompson

By Andrew S. Thompson

From worldwide superpower to British country. This hugely topical e-book seems to be at how the British Empire's tentacles stretched far and broad from the African and Asian contintents to the Americas, and the way those established states hit again, affecting in flip England itself. Empire is extremely topical: unlock of Hong Kong, civil wars in Africa, legacy of Indian independence   The a variety of sequence on Empire, Jewel within the Crown, Rhodes and picture have branded a robust common curiosity in England's excellent international prior (as oppose to really ignmon. present).

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Engineering includes surveyors, architects and ship-designers. pm5 18 04/06/2005, 11:52 AM ELITES and growth of selected higher professions in the first half of the twentieth century. From a low base of about 1,500 officials in 1899, the size of the Colonial Service increased considerably to about 10,000 in 1947. Clearly, however, the total numbers employed by the Colonial Office pale in comparison to those employed in the other major professions. 52 There were 1,032 ICS men in British India in 1919 and 1,029 in 1938.

Froude, and published to widespread acclaim in 1886. For Froude there was little chance of the nation renewing itself within the confines of the British Isles: ‘These islands are small, and are full to overflowing. ’39 Breaking in, cultivating and living off the land had previously formed the national character, but metropolitan Britain was now regarded as a modern urban and industrial society and hopelessly degenerate. There were also clear limits to the idealisation of the countryside at this time.

57 There is, however, a deeper sense in which the identity of the professional middle classes was invested in imperialism. Neither the shaping of a professional ethos nor the rise of professional organisations can be properly understood without reference to the wider imperial context in which they took place. In the second half of the nineteenth century India, in particular, was a forcing house for the principle of meritocracy and open competition. This is perhaps ironic given the autocratic nature of British rule in the Indian subcontinent.

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