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The Evangeline by D. W. Buffa

By D. W. Buffa

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I wasn’t there! ’Whitfield protested. Darnell took a step forward. ‘But Marlowe was different, wasn’t he? He knew how to do everything, didn’t he? You would not have trusted any of your rich and famous friends if you had been one of the survivors—abandoned in a small boat in the high seas, where no one was likely to find you—would you? ’ Darnell searched Whitfield’s eyes, determined to get at the one thing the jury had to know. ’ Chapter Three ITWAS PERHAPS THE LEAST-EXPECTED INVITATION Michael Roberts had ever received.

I would trust him with …’ Whitfield suddenly stiffened; a shudder passed through him. ‘You would trust him with what, Mr Whitfield? Your life? You trusted him with a lot more than that! ’ ‘Objection, your Honour,’ cried William Darnell, lifting himself halfway out of his chair. It was unmistakable, that voice. It came clothed in the indefatigable cheerfulness of a man who had lived long enough to know that every day might be his last, and who found in that otherwise depressing fact one more reason to love each day he was alive.

She was in trial runs for several months. ’ Roberts moved across the front of the courtroom to the clerk’s desk. Whitfield removed half a dozen photographs, examined each in turn and passed them back. ‘They’re photographs of the Evangeline. ’ Stepping away so everyone could see, Roberts held up the sixth and final photograph. ‘And this photograph, Mr Whitfield? ’ With a grim expression, Whitfield stared down at his hands. ’ Roberts stood next to the railing in front of the jury box, waiting until Whitfield looked back.

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