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The Ghost and Miss Demure (Paranormal Romance) by Melanie Jackson

By Melanie Jackson

A reluctant psychic can see the Marquis de Sade-like ghost inhabiting her Virginia plantation, yet can she see actual love?

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I’m as rare as an original Holbein. Surely you’ve heard of my triumph at Lesser Warwick Hall? ” Karo let herself smile at his claim and slightly exaggerated accent. She was feeling more cheerful now that she knew she wasn’t to be fired, and as an added fillip that she probably didn’t deserve, it seemed that she was going to be working for a man with a sense of humor. As a contrast to F. Christian, the gods of ironic situations couldn’t have done better. Perhaps life was worth living for one more day.

Karo wasn’t sure why she added this. “You don’t know the half of it,” Tristam muttered. ” “Of course. We’re not all literary heathens out here in the Colonies. Some of us are quite bookish. Of course, more often than not I was assigned to the role of a loyalist when they were passing out costumes at the reenactments where I last worked. I was sent out to die for the British at Yorktown—twice. ” Tristam chuckled and began their tour. “Perhaps you aren’t a godless heathen, but Old Vellacourt certainly was.

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