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Comparative Religion

The Influence of Rome: Buddhism, Christian and Islam by Ko Lwin

By Ko Lwin

During this book-How Rome inspired itself in the faiths of Buddhism, Christianity, and Islam. How Apollo has made a spot inside of Buddhist religion and perform. How the idea of "Son of God" got here from Rome and crushed Christian tale. How Roman fantasy have affected the Islamic trust that "woman can carry a baby as a result of Ruh (angel)" those are only a few of the principles which are being offered.

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According to the Muslim preachers if Gabriel is the Angel, how is he himself the Ruh? He himself must obey the human being. The highest power of the Angel is he who carries the Ruh to mankind from Allah, (the messenger). (16: 2). 36 The Influence of Rome What is Ruh? “The Ruh is command of Allah’s knowledge it is only a little that is communicated to mankind” (17: 85) this means Allah dignify a very little from His Ruh (Knowledge) to mankind. On the other word, knowledge is carried by the intellect power, so the Holy Koran gives the first meaning for Ruh is Intellect or wisdom power that is dignified to mankind when he/she was fashioned completely, not in the step of embryo.

In this verse, there are two points need to be solved, No. 1 is Ruh, and No. 2 is Fee her. In their interpretation of the words Fee her as “into her womb”, where has the word “womb” come from? There is no such word in original Arabic, Fee her means “into her or onto her” and the word “her” refers to the whole body or the whole life, not only mention her womb. The Holy Koran never says that Ruh is the Life seed, or the thing which is essential to be the living thing. And in another interpretation, Ruh is understood to be Angel.

Therefore the human being Jesus is called Ruhullah (Allah’s Ruh). No Muslim preacher defines Ruhullah (Jesus) as an Angel. If so why they do want not define the man clearly (ba sha ram Sa wee yam), the messenger of Allah, who gave the pure child to Mary as an Angel (19:17-19)? That they put on Roman shoes is clear. The reason that they use is “Surely the likeness of Jesus is with Allah as the likeness of Adam” (3:58). They said that Adam did not have parents and that he came from heaven to world.

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