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The Institute of Energy's Second International Conference on by The Institute of Energy (Auth.)

By The Institute of Energy (Auth.)

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Read Online or Download The Institute of Energy's Second International Conference on Combustion & Emissions Control. Proceedings of The Institute of Energy Conference Held in London, UK, on 4–5 December 1995 PDF

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Extra info for The Institute of Energy's Second International Conference on Combustion & Emissions Control. Proceedings of The Institute of Energy Conference Held in London, UK, on 4–5 December 1995

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Styner. D. (1990): "Second generation lowemission combustors for ABB gas turbines: burner development and tests at atmospheric pressure". ASME Paper N. , Hamaguchi, T.. Kayahara, H. (1979): "Explanation of the blowoff of inverted flames by the area-increase concept", Combustion and Flame. Vol. 35, pp. , Sebastiani, Ε. L. (1972): "A first course in turbulence". The MIT Press, Cambridge nc 18] Lewis, Β , von Elbe, G. (1961): "Combustion, flames and explosions of gases". 2 * ed.. Academic Press.

As can be observed, flame A wings (height«6 mm) are lifted with respect to the burner surface and the flame front presents the typical butterfly wing shape. Moreover, the flame front appears very stable, considering the long exposure time (>30 s) used in taking the photographs. 5 mm) lie down on the burner surface and the flame front (for the same exposure time) seems more wrinkled, probably owing to a lower stability with respect to flame A. According to the different flame shape, a Κ Chromel-Alumel thermocouple fixed to the lower burner surface, measured, after the transient ignition time, the following values: -140 °C for flame A (wings raised form the burner surface); - 210 °C for flame Β (wings lying on the burner surface).

The transport requirements of the spray dry absorption and limestone gypsum processes would result in a considerable increase in the number of traffic movements between the station and the quarrying and landfilling operations. The Wellman Lord regenerative process would require only about 10% of the amount of solid raw material required by the spray dry absorption process but would result in a similar very large increase in mains water consumption to the limestone/gypsum process. The transportation requirements, although considerably lower than either the spray dry absorption or limestone/gypsum processes, would still result in a significant increase to the average number of traffic movements to the station.

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