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The Medical Student’s Guide to the Plain Chest Film by Edwin Donnelly

By Edwin Donnelly

This publication is designed to supply the scientific scholar an easy but systemized method of studying the apparent chest radiograph. The publication teaches the traditional anatomy in addition to a scientific process which may (and may still) be used to guage each chest movie. Full-color volume-rendered computed tomography (CT) pictures are used to aid the scholar comprehend the anatomy.

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In an over-penetrated film the vertebral bodies will be seen too well. Over penetration is a problem because it means that pathology in the lungs will likely be missed. 3 – Over-penetrated radiograph. Notice how unusually well the vertebral bodies are seen through the heart. The problem with over-penetration is evident in the lung fields, where detail of the parenchymal process is lost because of the poor technique. 4 – Under-penetrated radiograph. Notice that the overall degree of blackening in the lungs is appropriate (exposure) but there is essentially no detail visible through the heart (indicating poor penetration).

These two holes communicate with the same lumen of the NG tube and allow suctioning to occur properly. Thus, it is important that both the end hole and the side port of these tubes extend beyond the GE junction. Otherwise, not 44 Medical Student’s Guide to the Plain Chest Film only will suctioning not work properly, but it also will open a pathway for the free flow of gastric contents into the esophagus, thus putting the patient at an increased risk of aspiration. NG tubes have a dense stripe along their side which is visible on the chest film.

21 – Pleural effusion. A. Unmarked film. B. Marked film to show the blunting of the costophrenic angle from the effusion (black dashes). The normal location of the costophrenic angles is outlined with white dots. C. The same patient after the effusion had The “classic” sign of a pleural effusion that is often discussed (and, to be sure, often seen) is blunting of the costophrenic angle. 21. Since most pleural effusions are free-flowing, the fluid in the pleural space will go to the most dependent portion of the pleural space (because of gravity).

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