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The Medieval Life of King Alfred the Great: A Translation by Alfred P. Smyth (auth.)

By Alfred P. Smyth (auth.)

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The men of Kent promised to give money to them for the keeping of the treaty. Meanwhile, Translation of the Life of King Alfred 13 however, the Pagans, like foxes, secretly bursting out of their camp by night, broke the treaty, and scorning the promise of money – for they knew they would obtain more money from stolen booty than from peace – ravaged the entire eastern region of Kent. 21 Æthelred Becomes King. The Arrival of the Great Army of Pagans AD 866 In the year of the Incarnation of the Lord, 866: the eighteenth year from the birth of King Alfred.

We have Translation of the Life of King Alfred 11 decided to record a few things out of many in connection with this wise and well-considered policy for posterity to imitate, namely, those which are considered to pertain most of all to the need of the soul. 45 For the benefit of his soul, then, which from the first flowering of his youth he had been zealous to care for in all things, he prescribed that his successors after him until the final Day of Judgement were always to support with food, drink and clothing, one poor person, whether native or stranger, from every ten hides throughout all his hereditary land,46 provided such land was inhabited by men and flocks and was not waste.

The frequently mentioned army of the Pagans, leaving Cirencester went to the East Angles and dividing out that region183 they began to dwell there. 184 62 The Progress of the Pagan Army in Francia AD 881 In the year of the Incarnation of the Lord, 881: the thirtieth185 year since the birth of King Alfred. The previously mentioned army went further into Francia. The Franks fought against them186 and when the battle was over, the Pagans finding horses, became mounted warriors. Translation of the Life of King Alfred 29 63 The Pagan Army Sails up the Meuse AD 882 In the year of the Incarnation of the Lord, 882: the thirty-first187 year since the birth of King Alfred.

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