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The Mosque: The Heart of Submission (Abrahamic Dialogues) by Rusmir Mahmutcehajic, William C. Chittick

By Rusmir Mahmutcehajic, William C. Chittick

The Mosque is a longer meditation on a size of Islam surprising to so much Western readers. The mosque, Rusmir Mahmut?cehaji?c argues, isn't an analogue of the Christian church, no longer least simply because in Islam there's no priesthood and no institutionalized hierarchy. really, each Muslim is his or her personal priest, andmost spiritual tasks are played in the house. The functionality of the mosque is therefore dispersed all through society and, certainly, during the wildlife to boot. The Arabic notice from which English mosque derives capacity actually position of prostration-the position one plays the day-by-day ritual prayer of submission to God, with the intention to turn into a visitor on the desk God has despatched right down to occur himself. That desk is additionally the world's mosque, the area as mosque. among the tragic sufferers of the Bosnian genocide are its mosques; greater than 1000 have been destroyed. part of the basic textile of Bosnian lifestyles was once replaced. With this e-book, Rusmir Mahmut?cehaji?c seeks to rebuild the spirit and majesty of every mosque that was once destroyed, the religious grace it lent the Bosnian landscape.Beautifully composed, elegantly written and developed, this can be a fundamental textual content of Islamic spirituality, by way of probably the most major Muslim eu voices of our age . . . . A ebook to be back to back and again.-Adam B. Seligman, Boston UniversityThis paintings through one of many major highbrow figures of Bosnia is likely one of the most interesting written within the English language at the religious importance of the mosque. It speaks the language of common spirituality and is ready to open a door for Western readers to the connection among the mosque, as understood outwardly, and the interior mosque, that's the guts. The e-book additionally displays in such a lot dependent language the truth of a land the place mosques, church buildings, and synagogues have stood facet by means of part over the centuries, each one bearing witness in its personal technique to the Presence of the One.-Seyyed Hossein Nasr, George Washington college

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God is Completeness—which means that all potential lies in Him, including non-Self. As soon as His hidden nature is revealed, existence becomes linked both to Self and to non-Self. The reality of ................. 15701$ $CH4 01-25-06 08:35:28 PS Humankind / 15 every phenomenon lies in its link with Self, and non-reality in its orientation toward non-Self. The potential for both is what we know as free will. Human beings can achieve self-realization insofar as their will freely conforms to the Will of the Self.

This means that His trust in the covenant that results from the offer is also Complete. The fact that this covenant with God is a relationship of choice, of confidence—rather than one of submission and servitude without free will, as is the case with ‘‘the sun and the moon, the stars and the mountains, the trees and the beasts’’— necessarily leaves us prone to ignorance and violence. And yet we have the potential to bring our will into compliance with the will of God by entering this covenant of mutual trust with Him, so that one and the same trust may be made reality in His image, as God says through the Prophet Muhammad, the Praiser: My servant draws near to Me through nothing I love more than that which I have made obligatory for him.

Its creation out of goodness also testifies to non-Self, that which is not the first principle. All phenomena in space are signs which reveal the Hidden but add nothing to it. Individually and collectively, they have no reality other than Reality. Their condition is one of ultimate submission and servitude. The world is a house in which Peace reveals itself, in which the Lord receives His servants. All things return to God, and the revelation of what He has kept hidden begins as Spirit and ends as Humankind.

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