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The Nuclear Seduction by Schwartz, William & Derber, Charles

By Schwartz, William & Derber, Charles

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Moreover, many officials and strategists hope that over many years numerous improvements in weapons, each marginal by itself, will add up to something significant. Although they consciously exaggerate the significance of individual weapons systems, such as the MX, to get public ― 59 ― and congressional approval for them, the real agenda is a much longer term shift in strategic posture. id=0&doc.... [32] At one level, then, nuclear schizophrenia reflects flawed styles of thinking—internal confusion and obsession with marginal military capabilities—that lead officials to seek new weapons in the vain hope of increasing real military capabilities.

17] Existential deterrence was securely in place and both sides knew it. id=0&doc.... " If the Cuban missile crisis recurred, he believes that "the outcome today under strategic nuclear parity could be the same…. " In all three, the United States enjoyed an immense superiority in nuclear hardware. S. cities. "[19] In a major study of American military operations, Force Without War, Barry Blechman and Stephen S. R. S. S. S. advantage was less than 10 to 1…. " These conclusions cover not only the period of existential deterrence but also the earlier period of enormous American nuclear superiority.

S. [15] At the beginning of the Eisenhower administration, in 1953, Paul Nitze told Secretary of State Acheson of a National Security Council study revealing that "the net capability of the Soviet Union to injure the United States must already be measured in terms of many millions of casualties"—in fact, 22 million casualties for a postulated Soviet attack with 150-kiloton weapons. 5 million immediate fatalities, leaving an equal number injured, and depriving 25 million of food and shelter. " Eisenhower's diary for January 23, 1956, records his impressions of an Air Force briefing on the consequences of a hypothetical Soviet surprise attack: "The United States experienced practically total economic collapse….

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