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The Physics of the Manhattan Project by Bruce Cameron Reed

By Bruce Cameron Reed

The improvement of nuclear guns through the long island undertaking is without doubt one of the most vital medical occasions of the 20 th century. This publication, ready by means of a proficient instructor of physics, explores the demanding situations that confronted the participants of the long island venture. In doing so it supplies a transparent creation to fission guns on the point of an upper-level undergraduate physics pupil. info of nuclear reactions, their strength unlock, the fission strategy, how severe lots might be envisioned, how fissile fabrics are produced, and what elements complicate bomb layout are lined. an intensive record of references and a few difficulties for self-study are incorporated. hyperlinks are given to numerous spreadsheets with which clients can run the various calculations for themselves.

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Radioactive change. Philos. Mag. : Collision of a particles with light atoms. IV. An anomalous effect in nitrogen. Philos. Mag. : Instantaneous emission of fast neutrons in the interaction of slow neutrons with uranium. Phys. Rev. : Number of neutrons liberated in the nuclear fission of uranium. : The physical theory of neutron chain reactors. University of Chicago Press, Chicago (1958) Chapter 2 Critical Mass and Efficiency Abstract This chapter forms the heart of this book. After deriving the properties of neutron travel through materials, a detailed analysis is presented of how the critical mass of a fissile material, in both “bare” and “tampered” configurations, can be calculated.

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13) If we have a slab of infinite thickness, or, more generally, one such that the product snL is large, then eÀsnL will be small and we will have h xiðsn LÞlarge ! 14) This quantity is known as the characteristic length or mean free path for the particular reaction quantified by s. This quantity will figure prominently in Sects. 6. If it is computed for an individual cross section such as sfission or scapture, one speaks of the mean free path for fission or capture. Such lengths are often designated by the symbol l.

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