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Veggie Tales - Pirates Who Don't Do Anything Coloring Book by Sonia Sander, Funnypages Productions

By Sonia Sander, Funnypages Productions

The terrific, undying drama is the world's most famed story of "star-crossed lovers". The younger, unshakable love of Juliet and Romeo defies the feud that divides their households: the Capulets and M

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Anyone who said otherwise was contrary, or not to be trusted. He had dark hair and green eyes and skin that took a tan well, although it was a farmer’s tan. He wasn’t a farmer, actually, but a mechanic, working in his father’s garage. Still, the result was the same, as far as his tan went. He would have liked to work with his shirt off on warm days, but his father wouldn’t hear of it. He was good-looking enough that his family teased him about it, as if to make sure he wouldn’t get conceited. Yes, he was a little on the short side, but so were most movie stars.

Did you wash my socks, too? ” Iso looked at him as if he were speaking Portuguese. Peter didn’t annoy her as much as Eliza, but she refused to acknowledge he had any power over her. She stalked off without a reply. “I don’t want them to know,” Eliza said to Peter. “Not yet. That’s all I care about. ” “It’s your call,” Peter said. “But there’s always the risk of someone else telling them. ” “Who? Not you, not my parents. ” Peter shrugged noncommittally, too polite to say that he considered his sister-in-law capable of just about any kind of bad behavior.

Energy poured out of him, even when he was still. “I love you,” he said. ” This was a joke, their own private call-and-response, so ingrained that Eliza couldn’t remember its origins, only that it always made her feel safe. ” It was Iso, standing on the threshold. ” Eliza wondered how long she had been standing there, what she had heard and whether she could make sense of any of it. The summer I was fifteen, hail of bullets, routine traffic stop. ” Eliza asked. Iso made a face. Possibly because of the word baby, or possibly because the mere sound of Eliza’s voice irritated her.

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